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  • Prepare2Win
  • Know your partner
  • Select your toolkit

How to prepare for The Original RAD Race® Edition 2008/9...?

The best approach is:

  • to know that this years edition of the Original RAD Race ® :
    • will solve a typical administrative problem
    • and therby enabling a "social" or "not-for-profit" goal - aka "SocialIT"
    • to know that clear application flow, ease of use and robustness are very important
  • to prepare:
    • at least 2 development machines (usually - but not necessarliy - portables)
    • with YOUR well-known set of development tools, complete and in "full working order"
    • and to bring along other material like:
      • a small hub/switch and network cables
      • a development server (if needed)
      • a small printer, spare material (recommended)
      • all other "must haves" (jolt cola, candy, banners, supporters, etc...)
  • to take a good look at a previous assignment:

(partial) assignment on Day 1 (PDF - English - 244 kB)

  • to agree before the Race on which team member will be doing what during The Original RAD Race®!